And this means another chapter of You’re is up and ready for you to read. It’s NSFW.  Just letting you guys know. Chapter 24 for those that are still confused between FanFiction, FictionPad, Ao3 and TWCS, who all got Chapter 23 today.

So what else is going on Wendy?  Glad you asked!!! (Cause I know you wanted to!!) Our group did AWESOME in the Fanatic Fanfics!!  Look below for the awards that we got!!! Congrats to all the winners!!!

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 Now you want to know how I did?  You’re got 3rd place, and Every Dark Night got 1st in Crossover fics.  I feel like I am boasting, but it is all due to you guys voting!!! Thanks so much!!!!!


That brings me to another announcement.  While we waited for the awards to be announced slowly, Mistress Jessica1028, 4PadFoot, Gyllene and Magsmacdonald got to talking about awards.  From this conversation, we actually moved forward and are going to have one for those in the TB/SVM.  Yes, we know there are the Fangies, and we are not trying to steal the spotlight, but we liked the idea of a couple different contests around that we have been in.  So You Want Blood Awards came about.  And yes that pic is one of my infamous clicky links, cause 4PadFoot aka WordPress Whisperer has already got us a site!!!!  We are gearing up for the contest and have the categories ready and so on.  Nominations will open on May 1st, and will be one week long.  So please pay attention while we play it up, and help make this a great year for our first shot at it.


Crossover Haven… OMG!!  You people ROCK!!!!  We have had a day of almost 1k hits and it has not really slowed down!   And kudos to Bertie Bott for getting one of my favorite FanFiction Crossover writers to post on our site.  For those that don’t know, Crossover Haven is a place for ANY and ALL crossovers to be.  We are still working to suggestions put out on streamlining the site.  Also, while the site has some crossovers listed, we did it to try to show that we will accept anything that falls in our guidelines.  ANY crossovers will be considered, and only if you have incest, rape as being the main part of the story as in it being done to the main characters not as a past story point, or domestic abuse unless again, a story point.  We wish to have some guidelines for the grammar, as in not all in lower case, or upper case and stuff like that.  And for what is considered ok?  Well, to be blunt, if one of the people who reads and sets up the stories has a question, then they talk to the rest of us to agree.  Plus there is a judging panel in case there is any questions from the people submitting.

Why was the Crossover Haven brought about?  Twilighted.  They rejected ED saying that it had too many grammar issues.  I heard other people complaining when I said something, and how that crossovers that are not Edward/Bella are rejected.  So I came up with a place for them to be submitted and NOT have to wait a freaking month to just be rejected.  Plus I really love crossovers.  To read, write and just all around love looking at the ideas.  It is how I got into True Blood, I read a Godric/Bella fic that I cannot find anymore.  But it started me reading True Blood and here I am today.

I am true believer in also helping people get started and recognized for their unique skills.  So yes, there is a lot going on, and I am still writing, making banners, character profiles, hosting challenges in our group, and doing everything I can to push forward to others what amazing talents people have.  I’m paying forward the love and respect I have gotten from others.  You guys are the one who encouraged me to chase my dreams, and so much has come from it.  I wish to help others do the same…

So go forth.. read, write, and so on!  Tell me of your talents, and I will showcase them as I can!  If you wish to participate, or have ideas for things, come to the Facebook group and you will not believe the support you can earn with it.  Its a great feeling when others see what you can do.  Shoot, MamaKitty, my mom, is part of my group!  And there is a current challenge there, and I even have the banner for the current contest done: (And to have it, you just need to submit a one shot!)

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Enjoy!  And I will see you soon.


Wednesday has arrived! And this means another chapter of You’re is up and ready for you to read. It’s NSFW. 
A memory and a one-shot…

A memory and a one-shot…


Here is another One Shot I highly recommend. I am slow on reblogging, but that isn’t because of her! It was all me. Go read. Its freaking awesome!

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Four years ago today, my older brother was taken from us far too soon.

Sudden is not a strong enough description for the way it happened. He had undiagnosed Cardiomyopathy, and he was literally there one minute…

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A New One-Shot!!


I am getting ready to put pics in for you’re. So expect that today. Also!!! Please go take a look while you wait for me to post. This should give you plenty to read along with another one shot I will be posting!!!

Originally posted on A Writer’s Corner:

I have a new one-shot,  Taking A Gamble.  I entered it in a writing challenge given by Kittyinaz a couple of weeks ago and I…

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Sunday Sun-Day SUN-DAY!

And a VERY Happy Easter to you all!!!! I am getting more proficient in Elements.  But not enough to put bunny ears on an owl. 

Anouncing a New Site!!!

I have the great honor of informing you guys of a new site that my group from Facebook has spent the last 2 weeks putting together. 

Anouncing a New Site!!!

I have the great honor of informing you guys of a new site that my group from Facebook has spent the last 2 weeks putting together. 

What is this? An Actual Post?

Ok, I just fail at posting a lot.  Weddings, being sick, helping to form a new site for Crossover’s..

What is this? An Actual Post?

Ok, I just fail at posting a lot.  Weddings, being sick, helping to form a new site for Crossover’s..

For those New to Me…

For those New to Me…


n case you don’t know, the new chapter of You’re is up for WordPress users also.  For instance, Chapter 22 is new to you guys, but WordPress gets the chapters first, so they have chapter 23 up.  The links haven’t been put in, but you can find it on the previous post.  The Posting order goes as follows:  Facebook, WordPress.   My posting weeks begins on Wednesdays.  So anything posted from today…

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it’s funny because ants in actuallity can’t see very well and rely on a scent line left by other ants to make their way back. if that line is obstructed, they wait for another ant to come along and lay out an alternate route.

The twig of 93

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So I went back to the abandoned duck warehouse today

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whatever happened this past year, whatever you’re not telling me, I don’t care..

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Once Upon A Future

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Why?  Cause another installment of You’re is ready for you to read!!!  Damon looks at the readers, “Why you are still here not reading about me??”  (Shh!  They are reading my post then they will get to you!)

Don’t forget, it might get a little confusing, but here on WordPress, the chapter is posted first and next week this chapter will be making its way to other sites.  And if you were in the Group earlier today, you would see that I posted there when I got up I had hit publish….  Yes I know I am mean, but hey, it’s all good!

So what have I been up to?  Sleeping.  Oh yeah this past weekend I made a BUNCH of banners.  Go on to the Banner page under Other and you can see all the banners that have been made.  We were a busy group this past weekend.  I also had wedding stuff all weekend, and my body just gave out yesterday telling me staying up to 3am and getting up early was not going to cut it.  I am still in the process of negotiations, but it aint looking good for my night owl self.

Reminders.  Food Blog.  Tea Bog..  Amazon links.  Good enough?  Yeah.  Use them please!!  Specially the Amazon one!  You can bookmark the link.  It works.

So what is going on in the writing world?  Well I could give you a glimpse of my whiteboard, but that aint fun…  Why would you want all my notes written out for you to see?  But I will tell you Wisdom is coming to you in five chapter groups.   I am writing the last chapter of the Wisdom for the 1st part.  If you guys will want more, you can tell me.  Otherwise I will keep it the first 5.

After that is Clocks, then finishing the Twilight fic.   And finally the part you guys love, editing!!  Yep, I will be editing a bunch of stories, and you guys get to have new reading material.  And I will go off to finish my OF.   When I am done with that, I am hoping to work on more fics.

So I am busy as heck.  And of course Meridian keeps telling me rest, and I laugh and do my thing, and then days like yesterday happen when I am too tired to do anything but sleep.  She always has to be right.  Why do I bother arguing?

Many get wells are still being sent to the original beta of You’re.  And many huge thanks to Meridian for stepping in and getting this beta’d so she can rest and you guys can have your chapters.

Not the least, MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED FOR ME!!!  Please see the Banners to see what places I got this time!! Thanks again!!

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And many thanks to those who voted for our other ladies in the group!!

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Enjoy the Chapter!


Today is great Day! Why?  Cause another installment of You’re is ready for you to read!!!  Damon looks at the readers, ”Why you are still here not reading about me??”  (Shh! 

I know it is late… but there is a reason!

Yep, It’s Sunday, and you guys liked the idea of me showcasing talent on my site.  So I was excited when Robin told me that she made a video for me!